This Kindhearted Dentist

There's this kindhearted dentist

who has a special touch

That's why so many people

Go to him so much.


He has a special way

of making one feel at ease

He likes all his patients

he tries so hard to please.


I've never seen such a kind one

and he has a sense of humor too,

He's very efficiaent in his job

and all that he has to do.


His goal is to do a good work

to everyone each day,

God bless this dentist and his crew

for their kindness each day.


For once there is a dentist

and I know that he cares,

If you suffer from an ache

the pain he seems to share


They try to fix the pain

and have your tooth look just right,

even if he must stay late

and is very tired at night.


He and his staff will try

to do all that they can,

they do fix the problems

He's such a good man.


May God bless you and all

the dear people there too,

You all are apprecxiated

You all are a special crew.